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Saint Martin de Boscherville Localisation
<span>Visits, excursions</span> and activities

Visits, excursions and activities

Places of interest and activities

Outdoor activities, nature

  • Walks, rambles, hikes and bike rides

chemin_halage_seine_st_pierre_de_manneville_20120528_003The river and its loops offer no less than 23 walking circuits with a range of 2 to 15 km.

For more details : Tourism in Seine-Maritime (in English)

The forest of Roumare and the river banks of the Seine provide a wonderful setting for bike rides.

  • Visits of the forest around two themes

The forest of Roumare offers two sets of themed activities – an animal park and sanctuary and the arboretum du petit charme (little hornbeam arboretum).

For more details : Rouen City

  • Circuits in the Boucles de la Seine Normande (Seine Valley loops) Regional Park


You might enjoy following the fruit trail at the heart of the Seine Normande regional park. It is 62-km long (about 40-miles) and ideal for a ramble, an easy walk, a longer hike or a bicycle ride.

You might also want to try the thatched cottages trail that meanders along the river and takes you into the local bogs and typical villages


The city of Rouen

rouen_cathedrale_restes_-cloitrerouen_gros_horloge_20120620_003The formal capital of the dukes of Normandy is a big town that numbers 100,000 inhabitants. It is sometimes referred to as the town with 100 church-towers and is renowned for its historic heritage and architecture, its gourmet Norman cuisine and its quiet surroundings. /p>

Notre-Dame de l’Assomption (Our Lady of the Assumption) cathedral, Saint-Maclou church and Saint-Ouen abbey-church are certainly among the must-see highlights of a visit to Rouen. The impressionist painter Claude Monet painted 30 pictures of Rouen cathedral which has had a strong musical tradition since the Middle-Ages. Jean Titelouze, the so-called father of the French organ school, occupied the post of the titular organist in 1588–1633. Richard the Lionheart has a tomb in the cathedral that contains his heart (his corporeal remains were buried next to his father at Fontevraud Abbey near Chinon and Saumur, France). Other burials in the cathedral include: Poppa, wife of Rollo of Normandy, William I, duke of Normandy (William Longsword), Matilda of England (Empress Matilda or Maud, Henry II of England’s mother).

Visitors will greatly enjoy wandering around the old centre of Rouen and its large pedestrian precinct (rue du Gros Horloge which takes you to the spectacular Great Clock housed in a Gothic belfry with a Renaissance archway, rue Saint Romain, rue Damiette, rue Eau de Robec, etc.) or they can also choose to stroll along the north bank of the river where they will see the new transporter bridge inaugurated in 2008 (the longest of its kind in Europe – it is 670 meters long).

Rouen is the perfect haunt for museum lovers. There are several museums in Rouen, including a Museum of Fine Arts (with an important display of Impressionist Paintings) and a Museum of Ceramics (historically an important product in the town).

Visitors might also want to visit the house (now turned into a museum) where the 19th century writer Gustave Flaubert (who wrote Madame Bovary and Salambo) was born or the Natural History Museum which is second in France only to that of Paris and has an impressive collection of artefacts.

The Armada has become a major social event in Rouen when majestic old sailing ships and men of war can be admired. The next gathering not to be missed will take place in June 2019! It is recommended that visitor should stay at least two days to take advantage of the great architectural, historic and cultural jewels Rouen has to offer.

For more details : Normandy TourismRouen TourismSeine Maritime TourismNormandy

Sporting and recreational activities in Saint-Martin de Boscherville and the vicinity

In Saint-Martin de Boscherville


Horse riding

The Genetey equestrian centre, set within the town’s boundaries, offers courses, training periods and boarding.
Centre équestre du Genetey ,  route du Moulin – Le Genetey 76840 Saint Martin de Boscherville – Tel.: 00 33 (0)2 35 32 00 43  –  For more information, see : Centre Equestre Genetey (in French only)

Accrobranche Rope Park

The Espace Normandie Aventure Park offers 5 canopy tours of increasing difficulty in a privately-owned park.
Espace Normandie Aventure, Val Saint-Léonard  76480 Saint Martin de Boscherville
Tel.: 00 33 (0)6 71 17 36 03 (mobile) – Accrobanche Rope Park in Normandy

In the vicinity

la_bouille_bac_seine_20120528_002Rail-bikes, canoeing, archery, theme walks

The V.I.S.I.T.E.R. (Vallée Itinéraire Initiative Touristique En Roumare) association will help you discover the Roumare loop of the river Seine by indulging in sporting and nature activities. They organise :

  • Canoe outings to discover the Austreberthe river
  • A rail-bike tour in the Austreberthe valley
  • Archery lessons
  • Themed walks for adults and children (to collect mushrooms, watch birds, etc.)

More details can be found on their website (in French only) : Activities in Roumare

cruise on seine

Cruise on the river Seine

On Saturdays, from May to October, you can embark on a cruise from Rouen to Duclair or from Rouen to La Bouille and fully enjoy the glorious sight of the city and the neighbouring countryside from the water. Booking is compulsory. For more information, visit : Tourism in Rouen – and click on the « themed walks and guided tours » button.

Historic Normandy


  • Norman abbeys circuit

The Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Park is the perfect place to set off on the Norman abbeys trail.


Three of the abbeys -out of the 30-odd that can be visited today- lie at the heart of the regional park.

They are :

Besides the three above-mentioned abbeys Saint-Ouen abbey church in Rouen is well worth a visit. It is renowned for its flamboyant Gothic style.


Further away to the west, in Gruchet le Valasse, not far from the mouth of the river Seine, you will find the abbey of Notre-Dame du Voeu. For further details, visit : Abbayes (in English and French). & Abbaye of Valasse

  • Manor of Villers

6 km away from us (about 4miles) there is a truly magnificent manor you cannot fail to visit – the Manor of Villers (the domains is open from April to October).

For more information :   Manor of Villers & Parks and Gardens of France

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