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Saint Martin de Boscherville Localisation
<span>communal areas </span>at our guests

communal areas at our guests

Discover here the communal areas at our guests’ disposal.

Communal rooms

Our guests are welcome to use the first dining-room equipped with a kitchen corner and crockery, ideal to prepare their excursion meals.

The large sitting-room has nice sofas and a wide limestone period fireplace. It is organised into a library, which contains the relevant guides and documentation about places of interest in the area. It opens onto the terrace and looks onto the admirable abbey-church.

The other end of the room is organised into a second dining –room with a large elm table that can sit up to 14 people.

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The garden

Here are a few pictures of our garden. Ours guest are welcome to use it throughout the year…

  • jardin_hostises_20120719_004
  • vue_chambre_ignis_hostises_20120720_001
  • vue_fenetre_chambre_aqua_hostises_20120720_002
  • jardin_hostises_20120719_001
  • jardin_hostises_20120719_004
  • vue_chambre_ignis_hostises_20120720_001
  • vue_fenetre_chambre_aqua_hostises_20120720_002
  • jardin_hostises_20120719_001


The meeting room

The large sitting-room and dining-room can easily be turned into a meeting room suitable for any professional event. It has a surface area of 65 sq. meters (about 650 sq ft.).

This is ideal for professionals looking for a pleasant place to organise a work session for about 15 people or willing to give a change of scenery to a training session or team seminar. We can put the room at their disposal for a full day or half a day, equipped with a paper board, a video projector and Wi-Fi connection.

It is within easy access from and to Rouen (a mere 15 minutes’ drive away) and Paris (about 1 ½ hour’s drive away) by car.

We can accommodate your needs. Please contact us should you require access to any further services (table d’hôte, breaks, lunches, B&B, etc.). We will provide you with an estimate.


Book your room

Make your reservation. Please do not forget to mention the room of your choice and your dates of arrival and departure before sending your booking details. We shall then contact you as soon as possible.

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