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<span>Treat yourself to a </span>delicious dinner at our table

Treat yourself to a delicious dinner at our table

A family table, a table d’hôte in Normandy

Normandy cuisine features prominently on our menus as well as family plain cooking. We take an active interest in sourcing the best local produce. The menus vary according to the season and what your host feels like cooking.

Please, do not forget to reserve your meal !

You can have dinner at our table d’hôte on request at weekends (on Friday and Saturday nights) and during school breaks.

One sample menu at the Hostises de Boscherville table d’hôte


Aperitif normand (Apple juice and calvados)
Kir normand (Calvados, cider and crème de cassis)
House cocktail
(Varies depending on the season)
Beetroot à la Normande served in a glass
Camembert tart
Mussels soup
Fish salad (Herring-based salad)
Main courses
Poule au blanc (Chicken boiled in white wine)
Lapin au cidre (Rabbit cooked in cider)
Veal cooked with apples
Salads and cheese platter
Market garden salad
A selection of Norman cheeses
Bourdelot (Apple wrapped in shortcrust and baked with calvados, sugar and butter)
Rice pudding served on a bed of apples with a caramel sauce
Home made fruit sorbet
Coffee, a whole range of teas, herbal teas and local liqueurs

Our guests can drink as much cider (sourced from a local farm) as they want with their meal. Some dishes can be served with wine.

Legal notice: excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. Drink with moderation.

  • Price of a meal per adult: 28€ inclusive of tax
  • Price of a meal for children aged 5 to 11: their age in Euros incl. tax.
  • Children under four are not charged for their meals.

Une assiette gourmande quite simply

A variety of light meals can be provided if you require a quick simple meal for an early or late night. These include salads, a cold meat or local cheeses platter, a home made dessert or seasonal fruit. It is served with local cider, freshly baked bread and butter from a local farm.

  • Our guests are asked to have their light meals in our guest kitchen. They are served throughout the year.
  • Price of a light meal platter for an adult: 16€ inclusive of tax.
  • Price of a platter for children aged 5 to 11: 8€ incl. tax.

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